Taking your Children out in Public

6265879733_a350e41193_oAre you the type of parent or carer who is genuinely terrified of going out in public because you just KNOW one of your little ones will act out? Here ‘Nanny Hannah’ have some helpful tips to keep even the most energetic engaged within the family unit.


  • Colouring books – it sounds simple doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is!
    If you store a bag full of colouring books and sticker books in your car or a few in your handbag for the public transport usage, then your little tikes will have hours of fun just colouring.
    Plus it help their fine motor skills and even if you have 2-3 year olds’ it works – all children love colour and playing with colour.
  • Playdough – it does sound messy and it probably a good idea to bring wetwipes, but sensory play really does captivate a childs’ attention.
    If you play with the child and their playdough then the likely hood that it’ll end up on the wall is slim. Children love their adult to play with them and have fun.
  • Reading books – some may say that this sounds anti-social, but not if the whole table is reading with the child. Children LOVE LOVE attention, so a really good way of letting them be boss for a little while would be to encourage them to read to the whole table.
    Even if they’re reading abilities aren’t quite there yet they can still makeup a story form the pictures until dinner arrives.

We hope these few tips help you have peaceful and enjoyable outings with your family!

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