Cream ’em Up!

4728077813_cda230f683_oIn these hot summer days it is vitally important that we keep our Little Ones creamed up and covered up.

If our children are left outside without any protection from the sun’s rays they could be at risk of skin disease. Although you may have a Little One who is rather insistent on not being covered or creamed up that’s where ‘Nanny Hannah’ can help!

Tips on encouraging your children to stay safe in the sun:

  • Let them play with suncream. Buy some cheap suncream and then let them role-play on a doll or on each other as a game.
  • Pop an adult-sized T-shirt on them, this will cover their extremities and can be fun playing in!
  • One can also pop blobs of suncream on their Little Ones and make it fun by pretending to do face painting!


Those are just a few tips to keep you going!

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