Swimming Saves!

8465256186_9a22a793ed_oTeach your child to save themselves if they accidentally falls into the pool!

The baby can learn to roll over and float on their back, safely floating until the parents find them!

Don’t worry about safety, all would be taught to the parents from professionals under strict supervised sessions.

Take a look at this video and see what you think! No children were harmed in the making of this film.

Red Nose Fundraising

It’s that time of year again for merriment and raising money for others! ‘Nanny Hannah’ is looking to be sponsored and will in turn will make some Red Nose Day cakes for the homeless shelters in Birmingham and will put the donated money to the Red Nose charity.   £10 […]

Remembrance Day

Today is a very important day as we are remembering those who died in our World Wars and who continue to serve. Here at ‘Nanny Hannah’ we are showing our support to those brave souls and have our poppies at the ready!   We believe that children are the future, […]

Halloween Masks

Having problems in figuring out your Halloween costume? Then grab a paper-bag and make a design, scary or cute it all counts! Even if it’s a last minute idea it will look fun and authentic!

Revised EYFS 2014

Click here for the Revised EYFS 2014   This year the child care sector has had the privilege of having its Early Years Foundation Stage revised to help childcare professionals expand on their knowledge and understanding. If you’re a childcare professional or not it is always a good idea to […]

Taking your Children out in Public

Are you the type of parent or carer who is genuinely terrified of going out in public because you just KNOW one of your little ones will act out? Here ‘Nanny Hannah’ have some helpful tips to keep even the most energetic engaged within the family unit.   Colouring books […]

ChildCare Expo 2014

Well this year was ‘Nanny Hannah’s first child care expo and we learnt a lot today! If you are a nanny with ‘Nanny Hannah’ then please feel free to ask for literature about home care and what it involves. We also have available to us some fantastic catalogs filled with […]

What IS a Nanny?

The term ‘nanny’, ‘babysitter’ and ‘childminder all have VERY different meanings. Most people don’t realise that these sectors have different responsibilities and duties and mean different things to the carer. If you refer a nanny or childminder as a ‘babysitter’ it may cause offense as a childminder and nanny do […]

The Truth about Technology

Tablet ownership has more than doubled in the past few years – and as many parents are finding, children are highly proficient at using them. But are these devices harmful to their development? Or do they encourage ‘technological intelligence’? Since their launch, tablets have become increasingly popular in preschool and […]

Cream ’em Up!

In these hot summer days it is vitally important that we keep our Little Ones creamed up and covered up. If our children are left outside without any protection from the sun’s rays they could be at risk of skin disease. Although you may have a Little One who is […]